District at a glance

  1. Area:5207 Sq.Km.
  2. Population:8,68,825
  3. Literacy Rate:80.30%
  4. Blocks:8
  5. Villages:752
  6. Municipality:8
  7. Police Stations:13
  8. Languages:4
  9. Rain (3,609.98 mm average)
  10. Rivers- Vaghotan, devgad, karli, gad, tilari and terekhol are main rivers in sindhudurg.  These rivers mainly originates in fresh mountain stream of the Sahyadri and eventually emptying into the Arabian sea .In monsoon causes flood and mainly groundwater depletion dries up the rivers in summer. Breadths of the rivers are very narrow. Very few water transport in these rivers.  Backwater of Kalaval, achara, mochemad and devgad near to the Arabian Sea are mainly used for anchoring of fishing boats. Fishing and water transport carried out in these backwaters.
  11. Railway – 103 KM.
  12. Railway stations 8
  13. Sea shore length 121 KM.
  14. Crops- Rice,coconut,kokum,mango,cashew.
  15. Forest Area- 38643 Hect.